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The Bone & Joint Clinic is a recognized Orthopedic O.P.D Clinic. With its expertise in the treatment of Bones and Joints, the clinic has emerged as a place where quality treatment is available for orthopedic patients. The expert doctors, supported by state-of-the-art Physiotherapy Facilities, are always available for curing the ailments of the Patients. Comprehensive Orthopedic solutions are provided to the patients, right from the Physiotherapy to X-Ray and Inhouse Pharmacy. The clinic is an ideal non surgical Rehabilitation center for the patients suffering from the Bones and Joints problem.

The Bone & Joint Clinic comprises of:

Regenerative Orthopedics Regenerative Orthopedics is a new trend in medical thinking. It is not only a paradigm shift, but also points towards the direction that medicine is likely to take in future. It is quite possible that in future all treatments will be based on regenerative medicine. read more...

Physiotherapy Services

The Bone & Joint Clinic has a highly advanced Physiotherapy Services, specially developed for the rehabilitation for patients suffering from Joints and Bones problems.


Digital X-Ray Services

The clinic is equipped with X-ray machine to X-ray limbs in emergency cases. For the X-ray of Spine and of Heavy Patients, we use facilities from nearby diagnostic centers that treat our patients on priority basis & provide films within 10 minutes. All X-rays are read & interpreted by Dr. Ranyal himself. And, when required blood sample can also be collected at the clinic & sent to an adjoining diagnostic center for analysis & reporting.


The Bone & Joint Clinic is a celebrated name involved in providing most exclusive quality Inhouse Pharmacy Services for various kinds of treatment, surgeries and operations. Since inception in 1997, we are providing clinic support services. With our services, we provide several kinds of medical facilities. We have a pool of qualified professionals, who run our pharmacy and handle clients’ requirements in an efficient manner. Helpful and reliable, our services are acquirable at economical rates. We are based in New Delhi, India; reach us anytime for detailed discussion.


New drugs & new formulations are constantly being introduced; but chemists do not always store the newly introduced drugs until they start selling well. Subsequently, it was realized that patients have to face a lot of difficulty in procuring drugs, if new medicines are prescribed to them. To overcome this problem, a pharmacy counter was introduced in the clinic (only for days drugs prescribed by Dr J.S. Ranyal) so that patients don’t have to search for the drugs all around.

This counter has been much appreciated by most of the patients.


All Medicine Prescribed By Dr. J. S. Ranyal Available In House At Discount.


General Orthopedics Ours is a Delhi, India based entity, specialized in providing services of a general orthopedics. Since incorporation in 1997, we have been rendering treatments for fracture, arthritis and spine related ailments. We have appointed a team of surgeons, primary care providers and emergency medicine doctors, who work in unison to read more...