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The Bone & Joint Clinic


Facility for home visit also available

The Bone & Joint Clinic is a recognized Orthopedic O.P.D Clinic. With its expertise in the treatment of Bones and Joints, the clinic has emerged as a place where quality treatment is available for orthopedic patients. The expert doctors, supported by state-of-the-art Physiotherapy Facilities, are always available for curing the ailments of the Patients. Comprehensive Orthopedic solutions are provided to the patients, right from the Physiotherapy to X-Ray and Inhouse Pharmacy. The clinic is an ideal non surgical Rehabilitation center for the patients suffering from the Bones and Joints problem.

The Bone & Joint Clinic comprises of:

Regenerative Orthopedics

Regenerative Orthopedics is a new trend in medical thinking. It is not only a paradigm shift, but also points towards the direction that medicine is likely to take in future. It is quite possible that in future all treatments will be based on regenerative medicine.

  • Prolotherapy
    Prolotherapy was discovered & propagated by - HACKET & HEMWALL. This is basically concerned with healing & regeneration of ligaments, muscles & tendons. A damaged, weakened or torn structure is amenable to this therapy. Here, a substance called as proliferant is injected at the site
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
    Platelets are cells found in blood. Platelets are coated with factors called “growth factors”, which enhance healing in body. If any structure is damaged in body platelets are rushed to that part, where they release growth factors and hence result in healing. In prp Therapy, blood is
  • Stem Cell Therapy
    Stem Cell Therapy is the latest and most advanced form of Regenerative Orthopedics. For long time, the scientists have known that some organisms like star fish & some lizards have the ability to re-grow there lost body parts. Even human beings have this ability i.e. we can re-grow blood, hair

General Orthopedics

Ours is a Delhi, India based entity, specialized in providing services of a general orthopedics. Since incorporation in 1997, we have been rendering treatments for fracture, arthritis and spine related ailments. We have appointed a team of surgeons, primary care providers and emergency medicine doctors, who work in unison to handle acute and severe orthopedic disorders. For a detailed discussion, clients can ring us on the given numbers. For more details please click on the links given below


  • Arthritis Treatment
    Ours is a Delhi, India based bone & joint clinic, instrumental in providing arthritis treatment in the region. Our treatment procedure comprises of medication, physiotherapy or sometimes surgery to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. We have all the modern resources for providing
  • Fracture Treatment
    Established in 1997, TB&JC has been catering to fracture treatment services to the clients around Delhi, India. Our facility is spacious and well managed by a team of primary care providers, orthopedic surgeons, emergency medicine doctors, etc. Bedsides, we have adopted all the modern resources
  • Spine Treatment
    TB&JC is a Delhi, India based orthopedic center, widely known for its medical facilities and effective treatments. Operating since 1997, we are involved in providing spine treatment to patients of different age groups. Our treatment includes medication, physiotherapy and possibly surgery.

Other Services

  • Physiotherapy Services

    The Bone & Joint Clinic has a highly advanced Physiotherapy Services, specially developed for the rehabilitation for patients suffering from Joints and Bones problems.

  • Digital X-Ray Services
    The clinic is equipped with X-ray machine to X-ray limbs in emergency cases. For the X-ray of Spine and of Heavy Patients, we use facilities from nearby diagnostic centers that treat our patients on priority basis & provide films within 10 minutes. All X-rays are read & interpreted by Dr. Ranyal
  • Inhouse Pharmacy Services
    The Bone & Joint Clinic is a celebrated name involved in providing most exclusive quality Inhouse Pharmacy Services for various kinds of treatment, surgeries and operations. Since inception in 1997, we are providing clinic support services. With our services, we provide several kinds of medical
  • Knee Arthritis Treatment Services
    "ALL TYPES OF KNEE ARTHRITIS TREATED NON-SURGICALLY" Benefit FROM THE SCIENCE OF Regeneration. It is done using Prolotherapy,PRP & STEMCELLS. NO NEED TO SUFFER FROM THE HIGH COST & PAIN OF SURGERY & HOSPITALISATION. We have treated many patients to releif from pain, using these methods. Ligaments,