Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services

The Bone & Joint Clinic has a highly advanced Physiotherapy Services, specially developed for the rehabilitation for patients suffering from Joints and Bones problems. Experienced and Experts doctors such as Dr. Jaspal Singh Ranyal and Dr. Navin Bhardwaj have the proven track record in treating the patients in the most effective manner. Started in 1998, the unit has now developed into a spacious fully equipped unit with six tables.

Facilities include

Lumber Traction (Separate Machines) Vaccum I.F.T.
Cervical Traction (Separate Machines) Wax Bath
Short Wave Dialhermy (500w & 250w) Shoulder wheel & Pulley
I.F.T. - Two Machines Wrist, Finger exercise table
Ultrasound - Two machines Exercise ball, Theraband etc.
Hydrocollator Packs

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