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The whole purpose of medical science including, the diagnostic & pharmaceutical industry is to effect Healing. Who actually heals the patient? Many Doctors write in their office,-I treat ,He cures. Thereby implying that though, Doctor can,after due examination & lab. Tests, prescribe drugs or do Surgery but it̢۪s the grace of God that cures.

So again who heals, the doctor, drugs, surgery or God.?Perhaps all contribute to healing. Including the patient̢۪s family & certainly the patient too. A little understood fact is that patient too plays a big role in his/her healing & that is what I want the patients to understand.. Many would say- every patient wants to be healed. That̢۪s true; but not all patients are willing to put in the effort required to effect healing. To

The skeleton provides support, mobility & protection to human body. Skeleton also acts as a reservoir & store for calcium & other minerals. In body like heart & brain, Bone is also a living tissue and not just inactive mechanical support as many tend to think. The mass and architecture of bones constantly keep on changing to a large extent, depending on the physical activity of the body.

Bone is composite material consisting of crystals bound to protein. The calcium & phosphate in the shape of hydroxyappeite crystals is bound in an orderly manner to a matrix made of protein called collagen. All the components of bone i.e. Minerals & Proteins are in a process of constant replacement. Old tissue is removed & new added regularly. So, we can say that, the skeleton you have, is not

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